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Newspaper Printing Press Conversion into PBSA

Project Details

The Sheffield Star Newspaper used to be written, published and printed in this building. It consists of an enormous concrete structure which is being converted into a student accommodation development in the heart of the city.

The development consists of 256 new bedrooms which are located in clusters or studio apartments. In addition, the student accommodation block provides facilities such as a gym, communal areas and a cinema room for the tenants.

Effective Coordination

The building consists of a unique architectural structure which originally was built for printing newspapers, not student housing. Close coordination with the architectural and structural teams was required to ensure a suitable services strategy was developed with the efficient use of space. Providing effective face-to-face consultancy and building relationships on site with the design team and builders, whilst listening closely to the employer’s requirements, have resulted in a smooth project development.

Detailed Accurate Engineering

Integrating the hot water generation system with the heat pump, to avoid using electric point of use water heaters

Complexity Simplified

The existing concrete basement slab could not be penetrated, which resulted in long suspended drainage runs which needed to be coordinated with the existing structural and new build elements.