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Smoke Vent

Design, Install and Maintenance Services


  • AOVs

  • Natural Smoke Shafts

  • Mechanical Smoke Shafts

  • Pressurised Stairwells

  • Car Park Fans

    What do we do?

    Whether you have an existing asset that needs to be improved or you are building something new, what sets us apart is our ability to guide clients through the complex landscape of building safety regulations, particularly those mandated for high-risk buildings following the 2021 regulatory changes. We encompass design, installation, and maintenance requirements to provide an end-to-end solution for our clients. 

    • Design

    • Install

    • Maintain

    New Project?

    Tell us a bit about you and your requirements and we will get in contact. 

    Piece of Mind

    • We carry £10m PI Insurance with Consort

    • We are members of the SCA, CHAS, CIBSE and other inustry organisations

    • We will guide you through the complex world of the  Building Safety Regulator, if your building is >18m tall.

    • An end-to-end solution will ensure a better system installation.

    An end-to-end solution

    Smoke heat exhaust vent (SHEV) systems are essential components in buildings for fire safety and protection. These systems help control the movement of smoke and heat during fires, reducing the spread of flames and the risk to occupants. By removing smoke from occupied spaces, SHEV systems improve visibility and provide cleaner air for evacuation, minimizing the potential for smoke inhalation-related injuries. Compliance with building regulations and insurance requirements for SHEV systems is crucial, as failure to install and maintain them properly can result in legal liabilities, higher insurance premiums, and difficulties in obtaining coverage.

    Our Services

    • Dilapidation Survey and Report

      Engineering Design

      We survey your existing asset and describe what solution is required to bring it up to standard.

    • System Specification

      Engineering Design

      We will produce an NBS Specification, Schematics and Technical Drawings for the SHEV system. 

    • Fire Engineering

      Design Verification

      Our in-house fire engineers will confirm the requirements for the SHEV system with the overall fire strategy in mind. 

    • CFD Analysis

      Design Verfication

      To gain further confidence in the system proposal, we can provide you with a CFD analysis.

    • Principal Contractor

      System Installation

      We will act as principal contractor to ensure all SHEV works are completed according to the technical design and verification outputs. 

    • Maintenance Contracts

      SHEV Maintenance

      Maintenance contracts encompass cyclical maintenance, system servicing, and system cleaning to ensure the optimal functioning of systems over time.

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